Q1. What is the process for applying for jobs?

Ans. All jobs are posted on the website. You need to register first then you can apply for any positions directly via the website.

Q2. What happens after my resume is submitted?

Ans: It can be a waiting game it really depends on the urgency of the position. You may hear from the owner or senior crew directly or they may ask us to respond on their behalf.

Q3. Can I come in for a meet and greet or interview?

Ans: Yes upon request we can schedule a face meeting in Fort Lauderdale or a Skype or phone interview.

Q4. What are my chances of getting a job?

Ans: It depends on many factors. If you have a resume that is pieced together professionally and shows longevity and relevant skills and qualifications 2-4 weeks is average if you're in a yachting hub and aren't being excessively specific.

Q5. If I'm new to yachting what can I do to increase my chances of success

Ans: Stay in a reputable crew house, try and meet employed and professional crew for advice and avoid the usual distractions like partying and pool time. Make sure your resume is at it's best and be flexible. The most important aspect of any yachting program is the crew, more so than the owners, yacht build / itinerary etc...

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